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In 2008, the Chesterfield Township Library and the Chesterfield Historical Society formed a partnership to create a historical archive, the Trinity History Collection, that is accessible to the community. The Chesterfield Township Library is the permanent repository of the Trinity History Collection. The Chesterfield Historical Society and the Chesterfield Township Library share their archival materials for easy access to users. Historical documents archived at the library include items donated by the Chesterfield Historical Society and items the library has directly acquired. The Trinity History Collection is accessible, within limits, to the general public by contacting the Chesterfield Township Library.


In 2020, the Chesterfield Township Library digitalized many of the Chesterfield Historical Society’s records. The local history online digital archive can be accessed through the Chesterfield Township Library website or at this link:


The Chesterfield Historical Society welcomes the donation of artifacts, documents, old records, maps, photos, abstracts, genealogies, newspapers, directories, letters, diaries, journals, service records, portraits and publications relating to the history of Chesterfield Township. These items can be copied and returned.

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