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Kolping Chapel

     Mary Boset was interested in the Kolping Society work and in 1929, she donated four acres of her property in Chesterfield Township for recreational purposes. Two years later, Mrs. Boset donated additional acreage, contingent of a request to build a chapel as a wayside shrine. Ultimately, the nineteen-acre park had a pavilion, dance hall, rifle range, picnic shelter, parade grounds, playground, soccer filed, and parking lot.

     In 1932, Father Joseph Wuest, pastor of old St. Mary’s Church in Detroit, the founder of the Detroit Chapter of the Kolping Society, complied with her request. The walls of the chapel were constructed of cement blocks, with the inside covered with chips of marble, granite, shells and other specimens which were requested by and sent to Father Wuest from Kolping churches and Missions worldwide.






















      In 2015, when the Kolping Society decided to sell the park, the chapel was donated to the Chesterfield Historical Society. The metal swing and slide were also moved from Kolping Park to the historic village.

Today the chapel can be rented for weddings and renewal of wedding vows. 

Kolping Park

Moving the Kloping Chapel to the historic village in 2015

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